The Differences Between A Virtual Credit Card And The Real Thing

Credit Card: A Way to a More Convenient and Faster Shopping
A lot of people want a faster and easier way of doing things. With the irreversible and progressive growth of modern technology, people are now satisfied with fast and easy completion of different tasks and works without any need for manpower. One example of a product brought about by the irreversible and progressive growth of modern technology is the existence of credit cards.

Credit cards brought a lot of convenience to every cardholder. A credit card is a bank card commonly used as a way to shop online or in a physical store. It is used to temporarily pay goods and services. A real credit card made shopping of goods and availing of services easier and faster for everyone. A lot of merchants are now accepting credit cards as a form of temporary payment bought by the cardholder. The cardholder can settle the bill on his or her card-issuing bank after the transaction is made.

Virtual Credit Card versus The Real Thing
A credit card can be a physical card issued by a bank to the cardholder for his or her financial transaction, whether in a physical store or online. What are the differences between a virtual credit card from a physical credit card?

  • A virtual credit card has no corresponding physical card. A virtual credit card can be used to avail services online or to purchase different kinds of products online. A virtual credit card is used only in an online transaction made by the cardholder and the merchant selling the goods.

A physical credit card is issued by a card-issuing bank to a real person called a cardholder. This kind of bank card can be used to make purchases of different kinds of products online or in a physical store. A physical credit card can be validated using a credit card machine or specific software intended for validation purposes.

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